Detroit, Michigan    This is taken from West Fort Street, downtown Detroit, Michigan, USA. Windsor, Ontario, Canada is across the Detroit River in the distance.

The News  - Charcoal drawings.    Banjo  - Film shorts.
Sculpture Garden    Screensaver    Crescent  - Night display.
Bittersweet     cinema  - Short art video, works with Windows.
Color Mixing  - Interactive color mixing.     Drawing Show II, I
Ultimate Color Finder  - Find any RGB color.     ?  - RGB info.
Patterns    Tic-Tac-Toe     Unit Time
Octodozen     Stack     Primary Colors     4 for a Dollar
Fiction  - Short story.     Equal  - audio.     Polaroids
Odds & Ends  - Miscellaneous programs.     Morse Code
Memories  - Photos from the 1970s.     24 Hour Color Clock
Testing The “bmp”     Draws
Selections From…  - “SHORT STORIES OF OUR SHY NEIGHBORS” by Mrs. M. A. B. Kelly.


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