Astor Place, NYC    Beautiful day in the East Village of Manhattan near E. 8th Street and Lafayette Street (or was it Fourth Avenue). Photographed in summer 2003. Looks like the sun is shining and there are plenty of bicycles. This is right near NYU and Cooper Union.

The News  - Charcoal drawings.    Banjo  - Film shorts.
Sculpture Garden    Screensaver    Crescent  - Night display.
Bittersweet     cinema  - Short art video, works with Windows.
Color Mixing  - Interactive color mixing.     Drawing Show II, I
Ultimate Color Finder  - Find any RGB color.     ?  - RGB info.
Patterns    Tic-Tac-Toe     Unit Time
Octodozen     Stack     Primary Colors     4 for a Dollar
Fiction  - Short story.     Equal  - audio.     Polaroids
Odds & Ends  - Miscellaneous programs.     Morse Code
Memories  - Photos from the 1970s.     24 Hour Color Clock
Testing The “bmp”     Draws
Selections From…  - “SHORT STORIES OF OUR SHY NEIGHBORS” by Mrs. M. A. B. Kelly.


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