"International treaty on global warming signed by all the major powers today!" blared the radio. Oh good, thought Jack, another inch above sea level and the water would be to the front door! Other than the rising tide, life was good here for Jack. This house had the latest, solar cells on the roof, super abundant high lumen low wattage lighting, computerized pest control and cleaning and a three meter by three meter front lawn the envy of all who noticed it. He had the latest super-efficient hydro-car (or boat, as the city had turned into another Venice). Sharpo the cat kept the rising population of mice at bay. Most of his problems were solved, but the world, well that was another matter.
   He had to get to work soon, he had been assigned the Shofflin case, mind boggling what people will do these days. Nope, just another day in Capitol City. He finished breakfast, kissed his girlfriend still asleep in bed on the cheek and jumped into the Avrimobile (car, boat... whatever). It wasn't far, why waste your time and energy commuting to work? Anyways, the case looked, well it looked like someone had been stealing garbage off the streets, I mean lots and lots of it. Jack figured it was kind to give the Sanitation Engineers a vacation but they were getting bored with it.
   A left on Salibree Road (Canal/whatever), a few blocks down... this is where the stench was reported and people had noticed the trucks. It looks like an abandoned factory, wait, he could smell it already! Jack turned off the motor and glided in. Wow, there must be 500 tons of garbage here alone! thought Jack. And he noticed the giant machines: near the wall an Orkvelt100zx, a Polytransdynamo5, a Katro 2/1000 and more.
   "Halt, who goes there!" said a nervous voice.
   "Stand down, I'm a cop." shouted Jack. A figure appeared from behind the Katro 2/1000. "What's your name and what are you doing here?" inquired Jack.
   "I'm Professor Landstrom and vat I'm doing here ez none of your business!"
   "Yes it is, for one thing stealing all this garbage is illegal under section 117, paragraph 63 of the Municipal Garbage Act of 2029." Jack said, "So I want to know what the hell is going on here." he bellowed.
   "All vright, all vright." said the Professor, "It is vreally very simple, I'm transformagating zee garbage into the stuff that covers zee roads and such. I zimply extracombombulatedly compress and descramble zee garbage in the feedlehopper here," he points to one of the machines, "extract any very preschious metalical type materials, add ze discomboppular gel, the flouridian binderswatch, a little Joint Compound, eh?, and vuawallala! a genuine true grit type of stuff you can put just about anywhere like. A matter of fact vee have just finished with the perimeter of the Super Deluxe Octovi Shopping Center in the downtown."
   Well Jack couldn't really think of what was morally wrong with this, business was business, trash was trash and it was recycling. Then it hit him, he guessed it, it was true, they really had paved paradise and put up a parking lot!